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This is Art

Are you an artist?

Of course you are!

It has been my personal experience that it takes a brave soul to be an artist. And, I don't mean that lightly.

Some people may not get you or they simply don't understand why you prefer speckled hands of blue, orange, and green. Why you take time out of your day to step away from society to take yourself on a journey, one that might not end well and yet, it's worth every effort because you never know what the end is holding.

To me that's what every blank canvas is ----- a journey that has not yet been explored.

Even if you've been told that you're talent isn't yet good enough, I am here to tell you it is. The answer for you and your work is simple... Practice.

Your art needs you.

You need your art.

Trust me, I tried not working on my art but that just made me more upset and disorganized. I also felt disconnected from the world but now I know I need my art and my art needs me.

If you find yourself looking at other successful artists, which I'm sure you do because don't we all? Don't let yourself go down the rabbit hole of 'I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not entitled to speak up.' Instead step away from those whom you are comparing yourself to and open a sketch book. Sit down in your studio and practice your art.

That's it.

No really, that's it.

The only difference between you and every successful artist whom you've been admiring on social media is practice. They show up for their work because they need it and it needs them.

Think of your art that you create as a living thing.

The more you feed it by showing up to add color to the canvas or add marks to your sketch book, you are practicing. You are even feeding your creativity when you are out collecting inspiration!

How amazing is that?

You can paint your home but you cannot paint a canvas. Art is the act of generosity. It's a way to connect with the world, bringing new light to old problems. What a gift we have? To be able to wake up in the morning knowing that we are artists and that we get to change the world with the work we create because we showed up for it and, it'll show up for us.

When we are able to create something that changes a person, the feeling is outstanding! It's one of the many reasons why I continue my practice.

As Seth Godin says in his book, The Practice.

"Artists make change happen. Artists are humans who do generous work that might not work. Artists aren't limited to paint or museums." (The Practice, Seth Godin, pp 16)

If you haven't read Seth Godin's book yet, I highly recommend it. He brings new light to what you do as an artist. I also think it might help you with your clarity of why you do what you do, whether you are a writer, a musician, or an artist who paints with a brush. We have a gift of making change happen.

Cheers to making a difference in the world with the art we practice!

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