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It's a Conversation

I’ve been thinking about the question,

Why do you paint the way you do?

If you're an artist I’m sure you’ve heard this before or something similar to it.

The answer...

I no longer paint for the sake of painting.

I paint for the conversation.

This conversation is between myself and my Creator, who helps me create beautiful paintings from deep within.

How beautiful is it to hold a conversation focused solely on yourself, your art, and your Creator above?

This is what I get to do in my studio every time I walk in! And, I am so grateful for it.

So, the next time you enter your studio I ask that you give it a try. Sample it on a small canvas or any surface of your choice and see what happens.

I believe it’ll be an unforgettable experience for you.

Having second thoughts?

No worries! Have you ever held a conversation with someone?

I’m sure you have. You probably had one this morning or finished one with your loved one just before you began reading this.

Am I right?

That’s what painting is.

You shouldn’t force it onto the canvas, paper, or whatever surface you are working on.

Let go of the negative thoughts, fears, feelings, and energy.

Come on be, Elsa, with me here, and let it go! Awesome!

Now, do your little studio routine such as filling the mister with water and essential oil and your brush rinsing water jars (that’s mine).

Deep breathe in. Exhale out. Listen.

Follow your guiding voice. Allow the art to come forth from within yourself and believe that you will create beautiful art today.

Remember, some conversations will require more time than others. The photos of the painting above are of one I started on November 12th, 2021, and was completed on December 6th, 2021.

So do not be discouraged if it takes longer than you expected, it just means you will be having a deeper conversation. 💕

You will create amazing work today!

I believe in you! 🙏

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