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Creating your unique artwork is an experience for both you the collector & the artist whom you choose to work with.

It is my goal to make sure that this experience is a beautiful one for you.

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To create a personal & beautiful experience I like to meet with my clients face to face before I begin working on your painting.

I do this through a

Clarity Commission Call

What takes place on the call?

We get to know one another a little bit so we are not complete stangers e.g. what is your faviorate color?

Are you an animal lover?

Than I ask you some questions about your unique artwork to help me know what it is that you are looking for, e.g. what size? What prominent color would you like to have in it the most? Are you looking for an abstract with light or pheonixe?

Before we end you will know how long it will take me to finish your painting, which depends on the size and my schedule with art shows if it is that time of year.


So there are no suprises you will be asked to pay 50% of the cost of the painting before I begin working on it.

Once I have completed your painting, before the varnishing stage, I will send you a photo of your painting.

Estimated Price starts at $720

I add a 20% commission fee onto the original price. So, if you see a size in my originals that you like take that price and add 20% on and you will have the cost.

Most popular size is the 30 x 30

Unique Artworks collectors have ordered in the past

Behind the scenes...

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Phoenix Study.jpg
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